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January 17, 2013


In the Classroom, IXL Insights

It’s no secret that time is among a teacher’s most precious commodities.  As you jump from one activity to the next, the opportunity for reflecting on students’ progress is often lost.  When you plan your schedule down to the second, it’s the little time savers that can make a big difference!

IXL’s Last 5 Reports link lets you easily access the progress reports you reviewed most recently, without you having to go back and find them.  Do you notice yourself referring to the same few reports, such as the class overview, standards performance and recent skills reports?  The Last 5 Reports link takes you directly to the report you’re looking for without you having to search through all the others.  Did you forget the name of your favorite report?  No problem—it’s probably on your “Last 5” list!  Or maybe you started to look at a report but didn’t have time to finish.  It’s sure to be the first of the “Last 5” the next time you log in to IXL!

While we can’t create more minutes in the day, we can help you save some.  Take advantage of IXL’s “Last 5 Reports” link to view the exact data you need, when you need it—all with a single click!

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