Our picks: Summer learning apps!

June 8, 2015


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Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained over the summer? Download some child-friendly apps that are both fun and educational! From stargazing to coding, here are some of our recommendations:








Unleash creativity with storytelling apps

Encourage your kids to practice their creative writing skills through storytelling apps! Toontastic (free, iPad) lets them animate characters and record their voices to create a cartoon, and teaches them key elements of storytelling, from setup to climax to resolution. Or, try Write About This (free, iPad), which offers up fun images and writing prompts to inspire students to express their thoughts and ideas.


Explore the world with science apps

Help your children explore their interests by downloading relevant apps that will feed their curiosity. For example, budding astronomers might like Star Walk ($2.99, iPad/iPhone), which teaches kids about the solar system, and even allows them to hold up their device to the sky and identify constellations that are above them. If your kids love toy cars, have them play with Go Car Go ($0.99, iPad/iPhone), an app that challenges them to apply the laws of physics to design cars that can successfully navigate an obstacle course. National Geographic’s GeoDash ($1.99, iPad/iPhone, Nook) is great for kids who are interested in the animal kingdom—they’ll get absorbed in wildlife-themed games and learn facts about animals and their habitats along the way.


Prevent summer brain drain

Help your kids retain what they’ve learned during the school year with regular practice during the summer. IXL is a great way to do so—through fun interactive questions, students can review concepts they’ve already learned, or explore skills in the grade level they’re entering in the fall to get a head start. Plus, kids can win prizes for practicing on IXL in the summer (get the details here)!




Learn programming basics with coding apps

If your children like playing games, why not encourage them to make some of their own? Apps like Lightbot ($2.99, iPad/iPhone, Android) and Hopscotch (free, iPad) teach kids basic programming concepts by challenging them to solve puzzles and code games.


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