IXL Adds and Refreshes over 70 Math and Science Skills!

June 20, 2016


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Love STEM? Get ready to dive into new science and math content! We’ve just released over 70 new or updated math and science skills across all our grade levels. There’s something for everyone to try—log on to IXL or keep reading to learn more about our newest additions.

New science skills

We’ve expanded our science content for grades 2–5 with skills covering topics like conservation of mass, engineering with magnets, food chains, reading topographic maps, environmental conservation, and weather. See samples below and check out all the new skills here.

P.1 Community action: sea turtle conservation (Grade 5)

Real-world scenarios and story-driven skills connect students to the world around them. Students will explore different environmental issues through a variety of mediums and points of view.

O.3 Understanding food chains (Grades 3–5)

Students will learn how food chains are organized, as well as the related vocabulary. As students move through the skill, they’ll see how parts of a food chain are interconnected.

New math skills

We have almost 60 new or updated skills from pre-K to precalculus! We’re always adding new content and refreshing existing skills to keep students engaged and learning. Custom illustrations and visuals will help students master abstract concepts in an approachable way. Check out the examples below, and then, start practicing here.

B.8 Count one more – up to 5 (Kindergarten)

This new skill helps students visualize the concept of “one more” by reinforcing the idea that when you count, the next number you say is one more.

W.1 Objects on a coordinate plane (Grades 2–6)

This revamped skill uses shapes that students are already familiar with to introduce the more advanced concept of the coordinate plane. The redesigned answer explanation uses visuals to help students count in the x-direction and y-direction to find an object’s location.

To see a list of all the new and updated skills, visit the Skill Updates page!

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