Democracy in Action: Free Election Lesson Plans for Grades 2-5

October 26, 2016


In the Classroom

As November 8th approaches, now is the perfect time to teach students about the election process and how the U.S. government works. Bobbi Bear, an IXL Professional Learning Specialist, has put together two mini lesson plans for grades 2-5, available for download here!

These lesson plans introduce the branches of the federal government, important election vocabulary, as well as eligibility requirements for president of the United States. Through media resources, class discussion, and IXL social studies content, students will develop an understanding of a complex governmental system in a fun and engaging way.


Branches of Government Lesson: Grades 2-5

In this lesson, you’ll introduce students to the three branches of the federal government. After discussing key vocabulary, students will watch a video, answer questions about the responsibilities of each branch, and then participate in a small group activity that reinforces the goals of the lesson.

Presidential Elections Lesson: Grades 3-5

In this lesson, students will view one of three provided videos that highlight the election process. Following a whole-class discussion, students debate and discuss the use of the Electoral College in small groups and then present their answers and arguments to the class.

The full lesson plans are available for download below:

IXL Election Lesson Plans

Do you have any additional tips for teaching civics curriculum or the election process?

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