IXL Releases Middle School Science and Social Studies

December 20, 2016


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We have good news for middle schoolers: IXL has just debuted science and social studies content for grades 6-8! These new grade levels put more than 250 exciting skills at your fingertips—and there’s more! Don’t miss our new and revamped math skills for 6th grade through Algebra 1. Read on to learn more or go to IXL.com to try out all of our new content!

Middle school science

With IXL Science for middle school, students will learn about topics such as molecules and atomic composition, cells and genetics, ecosystems, plate tectonics, engineering design, the scientific method, and more. All skills are carefully crafted to help students develop foundational fluency in key scientific concepts, and to cultivate their critical thinking abilities. IXL’s engaging content features hundreds of real-world examples, photos, original artwork, and diagrams to spark curiosity and make the learning process fun. Plus, IXL Science is aligned with both state standards and Next Generation Science Standards!

See one of our favorite skills below, and practice all our new science content here.

Interpret food webs (grade 7)

With this skill, students interpret diagrams (featuring illustrations based on real ecosystems) to learn about how the matter eaten by organisms moves through an ecosystem.

Middle school social studies

We’ve been making history at IXL! Our brand new social studies grade levels introduce students to more than 100 interactive skills covering ancient history, U.S. history, civics, geography, economics, and more. With IXL Social Studies, history comes alive through interactive question types and hundreds of curated primary and secondary sources. Through standards-aligned skills, students will learn how to draw inferences, interpret events from different historical perspectives, and evaluate cause and effect.

Hone your history knowledge by trying new skills here, or check out a sample below!

Mesopotamian Empires (grade 6)

This skill presents photos of actual reliefs from the era of the Assyrian Empire; students are asked to examine the material and think critically about what’s depicted.

New math skills

At IXL, we’re always working to update our existing math skills to bring students the freshest, most engaging content. We’ve added more than 25 new and improved skills in 6th grade through Algebra 1, covering topics such as proportional relationships and order of operations.

Try all the latest math skills (including multi-step word problems) here.

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