5 Strategies for Pleasing Picky Eaters

February 24, 2017


At Home

In a perfect world, kids and adults alike would eat nothing but nutritious and delicious brain food. In reality, sometimes it takes a bit of ingenuity to please picky palettes. If you want to remind your family that they are what they eat, read on for 5 ideas you can bring to the table.

Turn cooking into a team activity

From grocery shopping to actual food preparation, one of the best ways to tempt a picky eater is to involve them in the prep work of a meal. This can help build excitement and also give kids a sense of ownership over the food that they eat. For help getting started, check out these meal planning tips or this blog devoted to recipes for fussy eaters.

Think big, start small

For a picky eater who’s suspicious of all green foods, seeing a head of broccoli on the dinner table probably won’t go over well. Ease your way into new tastes or foods by offering just a few bites. From there, you can build on the portion size or even introduce other related foods.

Add some fun and games

If mealtime feels like a chore to your picky eater, shake things up by making a game of it. Conduct a taste-test of different plates and have your family rate each food. Hold your own food competition at home or copy your favorite television cooking show. While you don’t need to turn every meal into a big production, putting new food into a different context can help boost its appeal.

Try the art of illusion

There are many ways to sneak nutritious ingredients into meals without compromising flavor. Try these recipes that include healthy ingredients without putting them front and center. You can also break the “no playing with your food” rule and get creative with your meal presentation—browse these eye-catching ideas for inspiration!

Lead by example

Any parent of young kids knows that they tend to mimic what they see. That’s why it can be especially important for them to see their parents eating different types of healthy foods. Be a role model with your eating habits and prove that being flexible (and a little adventurous) about what you eat can lead to amazing meals.

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