Celebrate Pi Day with IXL!

A free download with activities to help your class master circles

March 10, 2017


In the Classroom

The most irrational day of the year is fast approaching and we have lots of ideas for how you can celebrate 3/14 with your class. Bobbi Bear, an IXL Learning Resources Manager, is sharing activities for all grades that will help your students solidify their circle knowledge. Read on to get the details and to download the free lesson plan!

Elementary School

1. Challenge students to a Cookie Challenge where they must accurately measure cookies of various sizes and determine their radius, diameter, and circumference before eating them!

2. Read the fitting book Sir Cumference and the First Round Table by Cindy Neuschwander to the class and then challenge your own scholars to create a classroom Round Table. They’ll have to determine the dimensions for a table that will fit within the allotted space.

Middle School

Get students moving with a fun Pi Day Scavenger Hunt! In teams, have your students scour the classroom or school for circular items—in order to get their reward, they also need to figure out the radius, diameter, and circumference of their items.

High School

Are you familiar with Buffon’s Needle Problem? It’s a geometry problem that involves the probability that a needle dropped on the floor will cross a parallel line. Introduce your students to the concept with a video and then conduct your own Buffon’s needle experiment. As a class, discuss how the reality of your experiments fits the theory.

All Grades

If your students are already in possession of pi-related confidence, organize a Race to Pi Mastery! Using IXL’s Real-Time Center, hold a competition to see who can master their assigned skill first. Keep going until the whole class is finished and has earned a small reward.

Download the PDF below for all the details on how to plan and run these activities with your students:

Pi Day Activities

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