Spruce Up for Spring! 5 Tips for Cleaning with Kids

March 30, 2017


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For many families, the arrival of spring inspires a whole host of spring cleaning goals. But how do you turn that urge to declutter into a household reality? To help you out, we’ve gathered up some simple tips and tricks to make tidying up less of a chore.

1. Make it a group effort

Try to avoid isolated cleaning! Working as a team can work wonders for your spring cleaning goals, whether that means parents partnering with younger kids or the whole family tackling an area of the house together.

2.  Set specific goals

Accomplish broader spring cleaning goals by dealing with one task at a time. For a child, assignments like “hang up all your clothes” or “put away all the stuffed animals in their container” may provoke better results than “clean your room” because they involve specific, achievable activities.

3. Acknowledge achievements

Take time to showcase a job well done—and see just how much you’ve accomplished and what still needs to be done. Involve kids and teens alike in crossing items off a spring cleaning to-do list or adding stars to a chore chart. (Psst! Don’t forget to reward hard work with something fun like a movie night or pizza dinner.)

4. Issue a challenge, play a game

Make any cleaning activity more fun with an entertaining challenge. Turn on a favorite song and challenge kids to collect all their toys before the music is over. Or challenge them to pick up red items in a certain amount of time, then blue items, and so on.

5. Equip kids with their own tools

Sometimes all a kid needs is a broom to call their own…or a mop, or a duster. Giving all your helping hands their own cleaning supplies may just be the ticket to making them feel more involved and responsible.

Have any other tips for spring cleaning with kids?

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That´s awesome!
Congratulations guys, from Colombia SouthAmerica.


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