10 Ways to Celebrate Spring

April 18, 2017


At Home

It’s time to put away your winter coat and celebrate the arrival of sunny days, cheerful flowers, and all things spring! We’ve gathered a few ideas for a spring-ified to-do list that will guarantee family fun all season long.

1. Visit the farmers market
New season, new produce at your local farmers market! Make the shopping trip extra entertaining for kids with a treasure hunt that involves learning more about where your food is grown.

2. Meet baby animals
Check out local zoos, wildcare centers, or farms to see if they’ve had any recent animal arrivals—there’s no better way to welcome spring than with baby animals!

3. Make outdoor art
Get outside and get creative! From garden nature art to colorful chalk shadows there are lots of ways to take kid-friendly art projects to a new (outdoor) level.

4. Embrace bird crafts
If you’ve been noticing more feathered friends in your backyard or neighborhood, now’s a great time to make them a DIY birdhouse or friendly feeder.

5. Get gardening
Get your hands dirty and learn a thing or two about springtime gardening. These tips can help kids get started—and if they want to learn more about how plants grow, there’s always this plant life cycle skill on IXL!

6. Fly a kite
If your spring weather leans more toward blustery than beachy, take advantage with a truly classic activity: kite flying! Before taking off, try making your own kite and learning about the science behind kites.

7. Bake sweets for spring
Add some flour to your flower power! Everyone from young kids to teens can help whip up seedling cupcakes or flower pretzel bites. Feeling extra adventurous? Try making chocolate bark using edible flowers.

8. Dive into spring science
From weather investigations to worm observations, these fun experiments make it easy to add science to your season.

9. Stop and smell the flowers
If your winter included a lot of rain, you’ve probably lucked into a flower-full spring. Scope out the best spots to see wildflowers and don’t forget to take your camera!

10. Create your own rainbow
Have you spotted a rainbow recently? Channel all that colorful inspiration into a rainbow craft or science experiment. You can also learn about the physics behind rainbows, with the help of this fun video.

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