4 End-of-Year Ideas for Teachers

June 12, 2017


In the Classroom

You’ve done it, teachers! You’ve made it to the end of the school year and you deserve all the rest and relaxation you can get in the coming months. But before you embrace summer with open arms, take a look at this checklist that will help you reflect on your accomplishments, glean some inspiration, and even prep for the fall.

1. Make a classroom inventory

If you haven’t already, take stock of your supplies so you know what you’ll need for the 2017-2018 school year. For extra organization help, try taking photos of your materials so you have a clear visual or creating a spreadsheet that documents the quality and quantity of your supplies. It can also be helpful to create a “Back to School Box” for things you’ll need right away in the fall, like name tags, bulletin board materials, and contact lists. That way, you can access essentials quickly and start the year off strong.

2. Take a moment to reflect

The call of summer can be strong, but the end of the school year is the ideal time to reflect on all your hard work. These reflection questions are a great jumping off point—just make sure to give equal attention to your accomplishments as you do to the more challenging parts of the past year. While it’s important to learn and grow, you should also acknowledge all your teacher wins!

3. Get inspired

Did you keep notes during meetings or PD seminars this past year? Did you follow Pinterest boards or fellow teachers on Twitter? If you kept a tally of things that inspired you, take a few minutes to look through your list. Now’s the time to consider whether you want to incorporate any of those teaching strategies, classroom layouts, or other new ideas into your classroom next year.

4. Create a (balanced) to-do list

While your summer does not need to be regulated in any way, it can be helpful to create a list of things you want to read, do, and learn. Just remember to allow for both entertainment and professional development. If that means creating one PD list and one just-for-fun list, so be it. Balance your reading, your activities, and your playtime and you’re sure to have a rewarding summer.

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