Three Ways to Stay on Top of Summer Reading

June 21, 2017


At Home

You’ve probably heard that summer reading assignments are important and keep your child from falling behind before the next school year. However, you probably also know how hard it is to remember to read without the structure of school, especially when there are road trips and summer camps to be had. It’s possible to find a good balance though–here are some ways to keep track of your child’s summer reading, make it more enjoyable, and be prepared for the next school year.




Plan it out

One issue with summer reading is that students may procrastinate or forget to read their book. An easy solution is to make a reading schedule—for example, having them read three chapters of their book every week. Put the schedule on their door, on the refrigerator, or somewhere else where they can see and remember it. Remember to spread out the reading over the course of the summer—it may make things easier if they finish their book in the first week of June, but they might forget what they read by the time they go back to school.

Choose carefully

If your child has a list of books to choose from, help them choose something from a genre they’re interested in, and something appropriate for their reading level. You want them to challenge their skills, but if they’re struggling with the story, they may not understand what they’re reading.

Write down what’s important

To help your child retain what they’ve read over the summer, it can be helpful for them to take notes as they go. Encourage them to summarize each chapter after reading or jot down a note of each important event that happens.

How do you help your kids stay on top of their summer reading?

Guest post written by Mikaela S., IXL Marketing Intern

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great for school!


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