nd affect the future of the plot metaphor in the time abandoned human orphans helpless situation.Aspiring man has been tirelessly explore the meaning of time, but only in the Which in order CISM it exam to know. the absurdity of time This is really ridiculous Finally, Shunzui say one I think you are dead is soft science fiction In fact, not just his comments, now comment on the novel s writers also have several other. In this way, you are also dead body in the United States also a good fire Chapter 395 Li Kuo future goals After you these reincarnated Isaca Certification corpse , now Li Kuang s popularity began to spread to North America, the United States here is CISM a bit of Li Da was a face cooked. This point, from the recent growth of Li Ku can see on the points. Now in the United States on the. Twitter, there are still many people in the search Li Kuo s Twitter, hoping to see him come to speak. Some science fiction fans is intended to discuss with him grandfather paradox thing But, Twitter is not Li Kuang, Li Kao I did not reply to the news in North America, which makes some people a little disappointed, but also had to understand. After all, there are still on the network of trenches, and some things are not so easy. At this time there are some people to Li Kao before the translation of the novel up Mainly is the translation of the green feath

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