Back-to-School Shopping Tips for Parents

August 8, 2013


Back to School

As the second-biggest shopping event of the year, the back-to-school season can be overwhelming for parents trying to prepare their kids for the new school year. We hope these resources will help make the process more efficient, and more enjoyable!

1. Avoid the busiest shopping days – Using 2012 data from Foursquare, the location-based social networking site that lets you “check in” to various locations—including stores—from your mobile device, this DailyFinance article provides a list of what they anticipate to be the busiest back-to-school shopping days this year.  (Hint: Most of them are Saturdays in August.)

2. Save money with these savvy tips – You’ve probably already considered things like making a budget and using coupons, but what about using discounted gift cards to pay for your purchases, or shopping on specially-designated tax-free days?  Check out the other handy hints from to help you get the most bang for your buck.

3. Help your kids make reasonable shopping decisions – We think the title of this KARE 11 news video and accompanying article says it all: Back to School Shopping: how to tame the “gotta have it” monster. Developmental psychologist and co-host Dr. Marti Erickson offers advice on how to keep your kids from making impulse buys.

4. Consider this year’s shopping trends – Regardless of how you fit into them, these results from a 2013 back-to-school survey (presented in an eye-pleasing infographic) are fun to look at. In addition to the amount of money consumers plan to spend this year, the infographic from CPC Strategy also shows where they plan to spend their money and what they’re looking to buy.

5. Remember to have fun – Before you stress out about the logistics of back-to-school shopping, consider what this ritual means for your child. Many kids see getting a new backpack or new clothes as a way to develop their own personal styles. Get inspired with these fall fashion trends for kids from Family Education, or let your children create their own!

What are your strategies for back-to-school shopping?

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