IXL Makes Differentiated Instruction Easy

A look at how our skills adapt to each student

December 16, 2014


In the Classroom

For teachers implementing differentiated instruction strategies, IXL can be an effective tool.  With IXL, your entire class can practice the same skills at varying difficulty levels – and the program automatically adjusts for each individual student.  Here’s how it works!


  • Continuous assessment with SmartScore: When students practice on IXL, our unique SmartScore algorithm evaluates their performance, taking into account the number of problems completed, problem difficulty, and consistency of correct answers.
  • Adaptive practice: Based on the student’s SmartScore, which is adjusted with each problem attempted, IXL generates questions appropriate for his or her skill level. Questions get more challenging as students approach a score of 100, and drop down in difficulty when students are having trouble, to allow more time to understand the concept and raise their SmartScore. This allows students to work at their own pace, while giving everyone the opportunity to reach mastery regardless of their initial performance.
  • Personalized instruction: IXL also gives students direct instruction at the moment they need it – they receive specific step-by-step guidance immediately after a missed question, insuring they learn from their mistakes.
  • Unlimited questions = unlimited learning: And, because we computer-generate all questions instead of pulling from a fixed question bank, students at every ability level have an almost infinite number of unique questions with which to practice!

For more information about using IXL for differentiated instruction, read about how teachers are implementing IXL in their classrooms, and send questions our way using the comments section below!

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