IXL Volunteers for Earth Day!

IXLers restore critical habitat for endangered species at Mori Point

April 27, 2015


Life at IXL


On April 18, IXLers celebrated Earth Day by volunteering with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy at the beautiful Mori Point in Pacifica. Our down-and-dirty work contributed to the long-term protection of this unique habitat.

Under bright spring sunshine and fresh sea air, we began the day with a short natural history lesson on Mori Point. We learned that Mori Point is home to the threatened California red-legged frog and the endangered San Francisco garter snake; therefore, habitat preservation is critical to their survival.

When asked why he decided to volunteer, software engineer James Muerle said, “I love to volunteer, and Mori Point was an opportunity to volunteer to do something I’m really passionate about: the environment.”

After our briefing, we set off to plant native plants, such as the California sagebrush, and remove invasive plant species from the landscape. Armed with heavy gloves and pickaxes, we wrestled stubborn thistles from the ground. As if to say “thank you” for our efforts, three San Francisco garter snakes made a rare appearance as we scoured the park for weeds! At the end of the day, we left feeling tired but energized, knowing that our contribution helped to protect critical habitat and to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Mori Point.


“Mori Point is such a beautiful area,” said Rachel Bretz, membership specialist. “I really enjoyed having the chance to participate in maintaining the native plants in the park!”

Earth Day is over, but volunteering for the environment is a great activity year-round! To learn more about the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy and their volunteer opportunities, click here.


By Amanda Chen, membership specialist

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Danielle April 30, 2015 at 3:33 pm

My birthday is on day and this is awesome


The IXL Team May 1, 2015 at 10:26 am

Happy belated birthday!


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