Introducing Language Arts for 1st Grade!

And, new math and language arts skills, and skill code changes

We’re ringing in the new year with a new grade level – language arts for 1st grade! Plus, more language arts and math skills in other grades – keep reading to learn more.

1st Grade Language Arts

We’ve launched language arts for 1st grade with nearly 90 skills that introduce budding readers and writers to grammar and vocabulary.  And to provide support for these young learners, all skills include audio support and larger text size. We’ve also designed the skills to engage students and help them develop an early curiosity about language, using more than 900 images and interactive problem types.

Check out some of our favorite new skills below, and visit IXL to try them out for yourself!

P.1 Compare pictures using adjectives

Colorful images introduce students to adjectives in this interactive skill.

I.4: Place sentences on a timeline

An interactive skill that helps kids learn about verb tenses by arranging sentences in the correct order.

BB.1: What am I?

This word game presents students with a riddle, helping them build their vocabulary and reading comprehension in the process!


New Language Arts Skills for 2nd Grade

We’re continuing to build out our 2nd grade content with new skills and interaction types to help students learn about language arts in fun new ways, and to support alignment to state and Common Core standards. Visit IXL to explore!


New Math Skills

Almost all grade levels have gotten new skills to kick off 2016! These include identifying objects as above or below, telling time using digital clocks, factoring linear expressions, identifying equivalent expressions, and more.

We’ve also refreshed some of our existing skills with new questions, images, or improved explanations to make the learning experience more engaging for students. And, we’ve increased text size for pre-K through 1st grade! Head over to IXL to try out the new skills!


Skill code changes

With all these great new additions come some changes to our skill codes – download PDFs of the changes for your edition below!






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