Teacher Tips to Help Students Do Their Best on Testing Day

Testing season is here in full force. You’ve spent the year preparing students as best you can, and now it’s time for them to show what they’ve learned. But even while they put their academic knowledge to the test, you can help them succeed with some of these tips to make students’ school day as conducive to testing as possible.

Keep parents in the loop

Good test scores start at home. While you can’t control many of the variables, you can make sure parents are aware of the testing schedule. Communicating with them about the importance of plentiful sleep and good breakfasts around testing time will go a long way toward ensuring your students are in peak form. It’s also worth considering reducing or eliminating the homework load during testing periods, so students can be well rested and focused on the task at hand.

Feed their brains

For the actual day of testing, there’s not much better motivation than the time-honored tradition of providing food. By offering a simple breakfast on testing days, you’ll give students something to look forward to, as well as giving them the energy and nutrition they’ll need to stay focused during the long days of testing.

Savor the scents

This one’s a little out of the box, but there’s some evidence that peppermint improves concentration, so during the test itself, you can hand out peppermints. Citrus fruits, aside from being a tasty and healthy snack, also alleviate stress and reduce anxiety. And, if you’re brave enough, you can even let students chew gum during the test. The novelty effect and the simple movement can help students focus, especially those with ADD/ADHD.