Life Lessons from Dads in Honor of Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to dads and father figures everywhere! To celebrate the occasion, we asked IXL employees to share advice from their fathers or lessons they’ve shared with their own kids. We got back a range of responses: sweet, wise, funny. And we know the kids may groan at your “dad jokes,” but the advice from some of these dads is downright hilarious.

“Don’t have anything you’re not willing to share. Usually expressed as, ‘That which you would not share, you may not have.’”


“Me: ‘Please don’t eat that dirt’

Daughter: <eats dirt>

Daughter: <tries to rub dirt off of tongue, making a grossed out face>

Me: ‘That tasted yucky, didn’t it?’”


“1. Use your best judgment, however flawed it may be.

2. Don’t forget to remember.”


“My dad would say, ‘It’s not you I don’t trust, but others around you.’

Now I am saying it to my 11 year old already!”


“I feel it is important to keep my kids up to date on the latest scientific research. Take sleep research for instance. Most kids are unaware of the recent discovery that there are three important steps to sleep: (1) be still, (2) be quiet, (3) close your eyes. So we naturally talk about this discovery a lot. In fact, at latest count, we have had at least nine thousand conversations on the matter.”


“My dad always said that it’s okay to fail as long as you tried your best.”


Have a great Father’s Day!