4 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Students’ Parents

Back-to-school blog series #6

August 31, 2016


In the Classroom

The start of a new school year is a great time to begin building positive partnerships with your students’ parents. To kick off those parent-teacher connections, check out these easy getting-to-know-you ideas and communication tips.

Kick things off with a questionnaire

A family questionnaire is useful as both a basic introduction to your students’ parents and a way to learn more about your students through their parents’ eyes. Send a questionnaire like this out at the start of the school year and make it easy for parents to return it via email or handwritten response.


Keep parents up-to-date with apps

There are lots of handy apps that can be used to enrich parent-teacher relationships—from an app that emphasizes positive feedback on student behavior, to an app that sends families notes and classroom updates. Find ways to integrate these tools into your day-to-day communication so parents can be more involved and informed.

Spread the word through newsletters

A great way to stay in touch with parents throughout the year is with classroom newsletters. Take advantage of free newsletter templates or read this teacher’s blog post on how to use an email newsletter service. Then, tailor your bulletins to the “current events” parents are interested in, such as class goals, lessons, or student achievements.

Offer lots of opportunities for parent involvement

It’s important to give parents choices for how to get in touch (phone, Skype, email, apps, or evening meetings) and how to get involved in your classroom. You can find tips for engaging parent volunteers here, including how to include working parents by offering opportunities that mesh with their schedules and interests!

Do you have any additional tips for how teachers can get to know their students’ parents? Share them in the comments below.

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