Free IXL Feedback Organizers for Math, ELA, Science & Social Studies

Develop more reflective students with these downloadable resources for grades 2–5.

We’re often told to learn from our mistakes, but it’s a hard lesson to absorb, especially for students. Despite reminders to read the feedback on their tests and assignments, students frequently zero in on the grade or plunge ahead to the next task. So to help develop reflective students, we’ve put together some downloadable resources that will help students get the most from their IXL practice.

One of the great things about practicing on IXL is that students receive immediate feedback on their responses. And every time a student submits an incorrect answer, they receive a detailed answer explanation showing where they went wrong and what to do differently next time.

To encourage students to pay attention to IXL’s answer explanations and to better retain what they learn, we’ve created free printouts you can use in your classroom. These feedback organizers give students a structure to write about something they read, one of the best ways to support learning.

Two different worksheets per subject (math, ELA, science, and social studies) are available. These PDFs are intended for grades 2–5 and can be completed by hand or on the computer. As students work on math and ELA skills, they can use the worksheets to build their vocabulary and analyze the types of errors they made. As they practice science and social studies content, students can take note of interesting facts they learn from enrichment text, as well as strengthen their vocabulary and analyze their mistakes.

To get started with the feedback organizers, click on the links below:

ELA Reading Vocabulary Practice

ELA Writing Skill Practice

Math Practice Reflection

Math Vocabulary Practice

Science Practice Reflection

Science Skill Practice

Social Studies Practice Reflection

Social Studies Skill Practice