Give Thanks: Thanksgiving Gratitude Activities

November 21, 2016


At Home

This Thanksgiving, get to the heart of the holiday with random acts of kindness, thoughtful art projects, and more! Here are a few ways to fill those pre-dinner hours with meaningful activities that cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Bring on the gratitude games

Football may be the traditional Thanksgiving game, but there are plenty of other inspiring playtime options. For lots of laughs and feel-good moments, try this twist on Pick-Up Sticks or go on a gratitude scavenger hunt!


Write it out

Use the Thanksgiving holiday as a reason to write about all of the things and people that make you happy. Create your own gratitude journal that can be used beyond Thanksgiving or use these printable worksheets as writing prompts—you can even share what you wrote with friends and family.

Surprise a neighbor with goodie bags

Start a chain reaction of gift-giving with this You’ve Been Gobbled idea. It’s an easy way to spread cheer throughout your neighborhood and kids of all ages can get involved.

Take time to FaceTime

If you have family or friends who aren’t able to attend your Thanksgiving festivities, be sure to schedule some video calls into your day. Want to make it extra fun for the kids? Encourage them to prepare a song or special message for loved ones—and check out these tips for more ideas.

Pick a day to volunteer

Many non-profits get swamped with Thanksgiving volunteers and then have trouble finding help outside of the holiday season. If you’re interested in volunteering as a family, consider scheduling it on a non-holiday weekend. is a great resource for finding causes or local charities that excite you—just choose a volunteering opportunity and mark it on your calendar!

Add art to your day

Channel creativity into art projects that can double as decorations or homemade gifts. Try making a Thankfulness Tree, coloring a thankfulness placemat, or decorating a door with a Thankfulness Wreath.

What are your family’s Thanksgiving traditions?

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What did you guys do for Thanksgiving.


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