Wonderful Winter Reads for Kids of All Ages

A chilly reading round-up perfect for the ice and snow

Curl up with a good book and a steaming mug of hot chocolate to ward off the winter chill! We’ve rounded up some great wintry picks for kids of all ages—and adults too—that will make this the most wonderful time of year.

Picture Books

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen

Nothing says winter like cozy knit sweaters—and this book is full of them! A young girl and her magical box of yarn make sweaters for dogs, for cats, for friends, for houses, till the whole town is full of knitted color. Jon Klassen, of I Want My Hat Back fame, brings the story to life with whimsical, patterned pictures.


Winter Bees & Other Poems of the Cold by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Rick Allen

Full of stunning illustrations, this book is a perfect primer for both poetry and scientific discovery. Through a collection of poems, children learn how animals survive the winter and get a peek into the secrets beneath the snow.


The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Enter into an enchanted world where it’s always winter, but never Christmas, in this timeless classic. Four children step through a wardrobe into the land of Narnia, which is under the spell of the White Witch, and meet with many adventures and strange characters as they work to break the enchantment.

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

If your child has ever begged for a pet, this book should be right up their alley. The Golden Compass whisks readers away to an alternate world where everyone has an animal that embodies their soul. To find her missing friend, a young girl and her animal familiar, Pan, must journey through the snow and bitter cold to the Far North.


Middle School

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

It’s hard not to think of winter when you hear the word “wolf”—especially when you pair that with a title like Shiver. This is the story of Grace, who is fascinated by the wolves in the woods near her house, and Sam, a boy with two lives: one wolf and one human.

The Sight by David Clement-Davies

If your child prefers real wolves to werewolves, they’ll be drawn into this fantastical story of a wolf family in the harsh Transylvanian winter. Terrifying prophecies and ancient powers create a tangled web as one wolf fights to protect her pack.


High School

Winter Town by Stephen Emond

Perfect for fans of John Green, this is the tale of two teenage friends, Evan and Lucy. Every winter, Lucy returns to her former hometown for a visit until one year she arrives with a whole new style and attitude, and Evan is determined to unearth the girl he used to know.

Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis

For any teen who grew up watching Disney movies, this retelling of Snow White—in space!—is a great choice. Princess Snow is missing—or hiding out on the freezing cold planet Thanda, where temperatures are always sub-zero. Things start to get interesting when a mysterious stranger crash-lands near her home and sets in motion a chain reaction of events.