Maintain momentum during school breaks with IXL

Free downloads for parents and teachers to make the most of time off

As you count down the days until break begins, we’ve rounded up some ways you can use IXL to keep students’ skills sharp during their time off. Read on to download our two free guides for parents and teachers.

For parents

To keep your child learning during school breaks, we have three tips on how IXL can help.

  1. Use IXL’s Recommendations feature to find tailored suggestions on what math and language arts skills your child should practice, from new topics to areas for improvement and everything in between.

  2. Use IXL Analytics to target your child’s trouble spots and revisit skills where they encountered difficulty.

  3. Have your child teach you one of the skills they’ve been working on and then complete 10 free questions as a visitor on IXL for practice.

Download the complete school break tips for parents guide here.

For teachers

It can be tough planning your curriculum around school breaks and making sure your students don’t forget the important lessons you’ve just taught them. So here are some strategies you can use with IXL to help your class retain the material.

  1. Create an IXL practice checklist with SmartScore goals and then track your students’ progress with the Score Grid report in IXL Analytics.

  2. Consider the topics you’ll be introducing following the break. Create an IXL pre-assessment checklist and have students complete 10–20 questions in each skill. Use the Skills Practiced report to see how they do and to plan instruction.

  3. Create a checklist with IXL’s math fluency skill builders. Have students practice until they reach mastery (a SmartScore of 100) and then recognize their achievements with our customizable certificates.

For all the details on how to use these strategies, download the school break guide for teachers here.