Summertime Self-Care for Teachers

July 27, 2017


In the Classroom

August is quickly approaching, which means that many teachers have back-to-school prep on the brain. And while it’s a good idea to get ready for the coming school year, it’s also important to take time for a bit of pre-school self-care. To help you cultivate the right emotional and mental mindset, we’ve gathered up a list of ideas that will help you indulge, reflect, and relax—so you can make this the best year yet.

1. Start the day with one of these free mindfulness apps. Regular meditation or mindful exercises can boost your sleep, focus, and peace of mind—and you can even incorporate your new habit into your classroom.

2. Host a brunch for your teacher friends. Use the time together to swap classroom ideas, but don’t forget to chat about family, vacations, and other topics that are totally unrelated to work!

3. Write in a journal, whether it’s a sentence a day or a free-write about everything you’re thinking.

4. Spend some quality time outside hiking, gardening, or just taking a walk around your neighborhood.

5. Watch a summer blockbuster at the movie theater or gather some friends and tune in to a podcast or TED Talk. Don’t forget the snacks!

6. Read one of the books on your just-for-fun list.

7.  Splurge on a new piece of clothing or a fun accessory for the first day of school.

8. Embrace any school year anxiety you may be feeling by checking out this TED talk that’s devoted to looking at stress from a positive perspective.

9. Indulge in an activity that makes you happy, whether that means binge-watching your favorite TV show, getting a massage, or trying a new workout class.

10. Read cards from former students or their parents and reflect on all your favorite teaching moments—you’ll be making new memories soon!

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