Here’s to 10 years! Insights from Longtime Customers

IXL has reached a major milestone: our 10th anniversary! To celebrate, we checked in with a few of the all-star customers who have been part of the IXL family since the very beginning. Read on to discover how these teachers and families use IXL, why they love it, and more:


Phyllis Severson
Teacher, NE

I use IXL to reinforce the topics presented in my math classes. Students are given grades based on how many problems they do. If they surpass the goal they can get bonus points to raise their overall grade. I had a student who did not complete the assigned IXL. He consequently failed the test. He was allowed to retake on the condition that the IXL was completed. On the retake he got an A on the test. It really made him see how important it is to do the practice that IXL provides.

Both my students and I love IXL’s immediate feedback, and that it helps them prepare for tests and get the extra practice that they need.

Rinh Pham
Parent, CO

When my children were younger, we would call IXL practice “playing brain games.” They would complete a few exercises each night and it was easy to motivate them because they love to use the laptop or iPad and they are very competitive. I like the ease of the program and that IXL gives my kids detailed feedback when they get an answer incorrect. The explanations are so easy to follow!

Even though their school had good math support, IXL was a different way of looking at and solving math problems. It’s a great supplement to what my kids learn in school. My kids were the first in their classes to master multiplication and division tables thanks to the exercises on IXL. It was a huge self esteem boost for both of them. Many parents asked me how they learned them so fast and I showed them IXL.

IXL works and we just love it.

Kelly Bradshaw
Teacher, FL

IXL offers lower level students the opportunity for remedial teaching, while students who have mastered the subject area can gain additional supplementary instruction. Students appreciate the fact that IXL gives them step-by-step instructions on how to solve problems and explanations when they choose the wrong answer. They enjoy the program, especially since they can use it to improve their overall grade in my class.

Madeleine Cag
Parent, NJ

My children know to use IXL when they need to practice something. It has been a great tool to have when they need additional practice. I like that it follows the curriculum and the kids love the stickers. My daughter was working on the x and y axis and could never remember which was which. It took IXL to get her to understand!