Setting Family Resolutions for the New Year

January 3, 2018


At Home

It’s that time of the year again: the holidays have come to a close and lofty New Year’s resolutions are being made. But instead of focusing on your own personal resolutions this year, consider making it a family affair so everyone can set goals, make progress, and celebrate achievements throughout the year! Here are a few resolutions that can help your family start the new year off right:

Put off procrastinating: If your child puts off homework assignments or is always cramming to study for a test, help your child create a study schedule to avoid this in the new year. Invest in a simple planner, make your own, or go digital with apps like MyStudyLife or SchoolTraq to manage assignments, after-school activities, study groups, and social events.

Give back together: The season of giving isn’t over yet! Make it a goal in the new year to volunteer as a family. Whether you help out at a local park cleanup, participate in a charity walk, or volunteer at an animal shelter, there are a number of ways you can help out in your local community and beyond. You’ll make new family memories and teach your children some valuable life lessons in the process!

Get some good shut-eye: Make it a goal to develop healthy sleep habits in the new year. Once you determine the recommended amount of sleep for each family member, set up bedtime routines to keep everyone on track. This could include limiting screen or TV time before bedtime, reading books to wind down, and sticking to a regular bedtime each night, even on weekends. Here’s to getting up on the right side of the bed each day!

Explore the great outdoors: The new year is the perfect time to pick up hobbies that the entire family will enjoy. Take to the outdoors with activities like ice skating, bike riding, horseback riding or hiking. Best of all, you’ll build new skills while you stay active and moving!

Are you setting any New Year’s resolutions with your family? Share with us in the comments below!

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