Science Activities to End Your Summer Right

Get hands-on with these ideas

Want to close out the summer with a bang? There’s no better way than with a fun science experiment! These hands-on ideas are a great way to enjoy the last days of the school break and get excited about learning new things. We’ve even included related IXL skills so you can follow your scientific curiosity wherever it takes you!

Summer astronomy

This year, the Perseid meteor shower will take place August 12 to 13. It’s considered by many astronomy enthusiasts to be the best meteor shower of the year, which means this is the perfect time to learn about all things outer space. Try this experiment where you make your own mini-meteors and learn what happens when a meteor falls!

Want to dive into more astronomy? Try these IXL skills:

Ice cream chemistry

Who knew that everyone’s favorite dessert can also be used for a simple chemistry lesson? With this simple ice cream recipe, you can investigate changing states of matter, chemical reactions, and even the properties of ice. This experiment requires a bit of physical activity (perfect for energetic kids) and you’ll end up with a sweet treat, too!

Want to learn more about states of matter? Try these IXL skills:

Air masses and summer thunderstorms

Have you experienced any thunderstorms this summer? This convection current experiment illustrates what’s happening during those cool events and how unstable air can lead to some dramatic weather. Grab some food coloring and a plastic container and create your own storm!

Want more weather knowledge? Check out this IXL skill:

Fun with static electricity

Here’s an idea that’s positively electric! All you need to do to make paper fly and a can move on its own is bust out a balloon or two. Check out our video below to do your own at-home static electricity experiment!

Did you get a charge from this static experiment? Learn more with this IXL skill:


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