New Inspiration for IXL Families!

Ready for some inspirational news, parents? You may have noticed that there’s a new “Inspiration” tab when you sign into your parent account. It’s home to a whole host of resources, ideas, and other IXL inspiration to help you make the most of your family’s IXL experience! Read on to get the scoop:

Get guidance and get started

If you’re new to IXL, the Inspiration page is a great place to discover the best ways to use IXL with your kids. In the Get Started section, you can start browsing topics, or learn more about how IXL’s Continuous Diagnostic works!

Find inspiration

If you want to take your IXL experience to the next level, the Inspiration page is also where you’ll find tons of fun resources! Explore our collection of family stories and learn how families like yours are using IXL effectively. For extra motivation, check out our page dedicated to IXL Rockstars—students who have completed 10,000 questions on IXL. (Psst! We publish IXL Rockstar photos weekly on our Facebook page.) And don’t miss our printables, including customizable certificates, a scavenger hunt, and more!

To see the Inspiration page for yourself, click here. (Or sign into your parent account and look for “Inspiration at the top of the page, on the right side of the green bar!)