At Home Family Fun Ideas

Are your kids in need of some fresh activities? This list is full of new ideas that combine education and play—without leaving home! The best part is, your kids will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize that they’re learning. (That’s a parenting win right there!)  

Try using these creative ways to choose which activity to do next:

  • Use a random number generator to determine which fun activity to do each day. 
  • Print out the list, cut out each task, and gather them all in a jar. Each day, your child can select one item to complete.
  • Play tic-tac-toe! Fill in an activity for each of the nine squares on the board. When your child marks off a square, they can do that activity!

However you decide, your kids are sure to love these ideas:

In the Kitchen:

  1. Watch a family member as they cook, and illustrate the steps they followed to make the dish. Finally, add captions to your pictures to create a useful “how-to” recipe book!

2. Use a recipe with pictures to guide you through each step of making a snack or meal for your family.  (This activity is great for non-readers and visual learners.)

3. Find two different recipes for your favorite dish (for example, chocolate chip cookies). Identify the differences between the two recipes by checking the ingredients and the steps. Then, make both recipes and do a family taste test! How did the differences affect the taste?

Pick up a Book:

4. Write a review about your favorite book. Or, create a commercial showing viewers why they should read your favorite book.

5. Pick out your favorite snack, find the comfiest seat in your house, and set a timer for 30 minutes to read with no interruptions. (Bring a highlighter to highlight your favorite parts or words you don’t know.)

6. Read a few comic strips. Then brainstorm, plan, and draw your own comic strip.

Rock on:

7. Draw an image that represents your favorite song.

8. Listen to a song and try to write down the lyrics. Then, identify and note all of the rhyming words.

9. Karaoke time! Practice your singing skills with these fun playlists for younger children and older children.  

Fun with captions:

Turn the TV sound off but turn on the captions.

10. Turn on your favorite show and practice reading the captions aloud.

11. Watch a show or movie by reading the captions, then draw three pictures to illustrate the main events.

12. Compare two characters from one of your favorite movies with a venn diagram.

13. Who is the villain in the show or movie you watched? Create a “Wanted” poster for this character by drawing a picture of them. Be sure to include a description and a reward!

Become the next Sherlock Holmes:

14. Make an escape room in your home, and see if your family can solve the puzzles.

15. Test your observation skills with these “I Spy” games.

16. Hide something in your house or backyard, and make a treasure map to help a family member find the treasure.

17. Play charades with your family! Here’s a great list of kid-friendly charades words to use.

18. Forensic Science Activity: Use a stamp pad to fingerprint each of your family members and compare them.  You can stamp one fingerprint on each post-it and place them around the house. Then, try to figure out who they belong to, just like a detective!

19. Go on a color scavenger hunt! Can you find all the colors in your home?

20. Take a walk around your house or yard and pretend to be a reporter—write down what you observe. 

Step into the backyard:

21. Make a sundial: This will allow you to tell the time outside without a clock!

22. Show the neighborhood how much you learned this year! Use some chalk to write all the math facts you know on the sidewalk. (For indoor fun, you can make your own DIY chalkboard first!)

23. Go on a Bug Hunt.

24. Plant some seeds and watch them grow. Check each day and make a graph tracking the plant’s growing height.

25. Watch this video, then make your own Rube Goldberg machine!

26. Create an obstacle course for your family. Time each of your family members as they go through the course. Who will win?

Calming Activities:

27. Who said yoga is just for adults? Try these great starter stretches: Cosmic Kids Yoga or Garden Yoga for Kids

28. Grab a partner and learn some fun hand-clapping games.

29. Become your favorite animal with this activity: Animal HIIT Workout for Kids 

30. Take a virtual field trip of your choice!