How IXL supports families with disabilities

If you have a child or family member with disabilities, you know that their unique needs can’t always be met in a uniform way. So, creating an individualized learning environment in the classroom and at home is key to making sure your child receives the resources they need to succeed.

IXL makes personalized learning easy and accessible so you can rest assured that your child isn’t losing ground when they’re at home. Specifically, here are some IXL features that are designed to support children in SPED, and keep them engaged and excelling regardless of where they are:

A comprehensive curriculum

IXL’s K-12 curriculum is designed with all learners in mind, and offers over 8,500 skills in five core subjects. The wide variety of skills and levels provides you with the instructional flexibility to cater to your child’s individual needs. Adjusting settings such as hiding grade levels will help your child focus on the concept at hand, rather than what level they’re performing at. 

Another benefit of learning on IXL is the multi-sensory nature of its questions. For visual learners, there are picture and word questions with answers in different formats such as drag and drop, mapping, and picture selection. For kids who need questions read aloud or who want help sounding out words and phrases, IXL’s audio support is available. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what level your child should be practicing at. IXL’s skills adapt to your child’s learning abilities automatically, adjusting the difficulty of its questions to meet your learner where they are.

IXL user Doreen Sigman has a son with autism, and she says, “I let my son choose whatever he wants to practice. The positive reinforcement and reports are great…This is an unconventional usage, but absolutely works for us. I recommend it for other parents with special needs children.”

A stress-free approach to assessment

Stay abreast of your child’s learning levels with the Real-Time Diagnostic, a tool that tells you exactly what they know and which skills they need to work on. In as little as 45 minutes, it pinpoints your child’s proficiency in math and English language arts, so you’ll no longer have to rely solely on communication from their teacher to understand where they’re at. 

The diagnostic is designed to provide children with a low-stress environment so they can concentrate on the questions in front of them, rather than a time limit or score. And kids never have to worry if they don’t know the answer to a question—they can simply click the “I don’t know this yet” button, and the diagnostic will adjust to provide them with level-appropriate questions. 

Personalized action plans and IEPs

Using insights from the diagnostic, IXL creates an individualized action plan that points you to the exact skills your child needs to work on to continue progressing. This plan is great to use in conversations with school staff to set and support IEP goals for your learner. Start by focusing goals around the lowest strands on your child’s action plan to lock in foundational material and set them on the road to success. 

IXL strives to make learning proactive and accessible for all students. No more one-size-fits-all approaches—your child will be met where they are and given tailored recommendations to ensure that their academic momentum continues at home.