How families can leverage IXL Analytics for growth

Meghan Manley is an IXL Professional Learning Specialist with experience as a teacher and instructional coach.

Educators know and love our actionable Analytics reports, which make it effortless to monitor student progress and plan next steps. But did you know that families have access to Analytics as well?

This powerful tool makes it easy for families and learners of all ages to take ownership of their education, set goals, reflect on progress, and celebrate milestones along the way! Whether your child is learning virtually, in-person, or a hybrid of both, you can leverage IXL Analytics to maximize their growth.

Real-Time Diagnostic

Looking for a great place to start? Have your child take ownership of their progress with the Real-Time Diagnostic. Once they have completed their initial diagnostic, they can record their starting levels using IXL’s Diagnostic Tracker. This starting point provides a great opportunity for students to set big goals for themselves. Encourage your child to aim for 100 points of overall growth in a full school year, or 10 points of growth each month.

Once your child has set goals for their overall growth by the end of the year, they can update their tracker each month with their current diagnostic levels. These updates are a great time to encourage your learner to reflect on their progress and hone in on their areas of strength and areas for growth. Here are some questions you can ask to help them tie their actions to the impact it has on their growth:

  • In which strand did you have the most growth?
  • What actions did you take that led to this?
  • What new goals do you want to set based on what you see?

If you know other families that use IXL, your kid can even buddy up with other pupils who have shared areas for growth to encourage each other and be accountability friends.

Once your learner reveals their diagnostic levels, keep them on track with these Analytics reports:

Student Score Chart

Want to monitor your child’s progress on grade level skills? Look no further than the Student Score Chart, located in the Scores tab within Analytics. Here you can view the percentage of skills in which they have reached mastery and excellence, as well as the percentage they have practiced and not practiced yet. Throughout the year you can see their progress circle fill in with all that they have learned!

Score Chart Report

Usage Details Report

The Usage Details report is perfect for families that want to quickly see what their learners have been up to on IXL! It provides high-level information, such as questions answered, time spent practicing, skill progress, and practice by category and day for a selected date range. By scrolling down, you can see what your kid has been up to within individual practice sessions, making it easy to monitor and support them in reaching their goals!

Trouble Spots

A teacher favorite, the Trouble Spots report, is also available for families! This report makes it easy for a learner to identify their trouble spots and determine where they might want to ask for some additional support. It’s a rich resource for your child to leverage during periods of reflection because it allows them to take ownership over their learning and know exactly what they need help with.

Trouble Spots Report

Want to begin using these handy reports? Simply visit the Analytics tab within your IXL account!

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