Weekly Boost skill plans are now available on IXL!

Looking to supplement your student’s learning with a custom curriculum? Good news—we’ve expanded our popular skill plans to include Weekly Boost skill plans for math and English language arts!

Built by IXL’s curriculum team, IXL Weekly Boost skill plans provide structure and pacing to ensure your learner is on track week to week. Choose the skill plan that best fits their needs, and you’ll be able to assign skills and track their progress throughout the year. They’re not only great for supporting in-class learning, but they’re also a useful tool for supplemental at-home learning or homeschool instruction!

How Weekly Boost skill plans work

IXL’s Weekly Boost skill plans guide students through a school year’s worth of curriculum. Available for math and ELA, each skill plan is 32 weeks long and includes three to eight skills per week. Like IXL’s seasonal skill plans, these were carefully designed to follow a natural progression through concepts.

The best part about IXL’s Weekly Boost skill plans is that they’re easily adaptable for both at-home and classroom learning! Parents can follow along with skill plans and reinforce their children’s learning with confidence, while teachers can leverage Weekly Boost skill plans to provide additional structure to lesson plans.

IXL Weekly Boost skill plans are available for math (Pre-K through Calculus, as well as Integrated Math 1-3) and ELA (Pre-K through 12th Grade). After clicking on a subject’s skill plan, you can toggle freely between grades and weeks. 

Check out the Week 1 skills for 3rd grade math:


Assigning skills and tracking progress

To suggest a skill to one or more learners, simply hover over the star next to a skill. You can select the student you’d like to assign the skill to from the drop-down menu.

As learners are working through skills, you’ll be able to track progress and check for understanding through the variety of reports available on the Analytics tab. Check out the Score Chart report to monitor skill completion, or dive into the Trouble Spots report to review the exact questions learners are struggling with!

With IXL’s custom-built skill plans, the exact skills you need are always at your fingertips! They allow you to easily and confidently reinforce grade-level skills to accelerate your learners’ progress.

Plus, we have even more skill plans to explore, including for textbooks, state standards, and test prep.

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