A data-driven approach to instruction in Oconee County School District

The School District of Oconee County in South Carolina wanted a K-12 solution that strategically informed their instructional decisions. The district chose IXL for its ease of use, flexible curriculum tools, and IXL’s supportive implementation team. Now, they have a deeper understanding of student needs rooted in data, and the exact tools they need to help each student grow from where they are.

With the help of IXL, teachers have seen students’ confidence, independence, and overall engagement grow. Teachers across the district use IXL in a variety of ways, from textbook and standards alignment to personalized instruction through diagnostic data. Oconee County’s educators love how easy it is to tailor the IXL experience for each classroom’s needs.

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A model for success at Oconee County School District:

  • Oconee County uses IXL to make informed instructional decisions for its 10,550 K-12 students across 16 schools.
  • IXL’s implementation team helped the district customize their use of the program to work for all of Oconee County’s 848 teachers.
  • Teachers love the insight they get into students’ learning from intuitive reports about student engagement, which skills students are struggling with, and key grade-level benchmarks.
  • Students have become more independent learners and their confidence working on new skills has increased.
  • District leaders are able to streamline data-driven conversations with easy-to-understand reports at the district, classroom, and student level.
  • With IXL skill plans, teachers have the exact content they need that perfectly matches their existing resources, including textbooks, state standards, and test prep.
  • Since implementing IXL, Oconee County’s students have practiced 693,000 skills, and mastered 250,000 skills.


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