IXL District Analytics: Two new reports!

IXL District Analytics makes it easy for administrators to drill down into data at every level. And now, IXL has two new reports that provide even more insight into student learning throughout your entire district.

These reports clearly demonstrate how students across your district are tracking toward IXL’s research-backed goals to maximize learning.

And with powerful filtering, easy-to-read visuals, and seamless export options, you can compare student practice data across your district and identify key trends in minutes. 

Let’s take a look at the two new reports!

Skill Usage Report

Research shows that answering at least 15 questions per subject per week on IXL has a positive impact on students’ state test performance. This report helps you easily track whether your students are meeting that goal of regular usage!

In the Skill Usage report, you can see exactly how your students are using IXL, including how many questions they’ve answered and how much time they’ve spent practicing. 


Skill Proficiency Report

Studies show that achieving proficiency (a SmartScore of 80) and mastery (a SmartScore of 100) on IXL skills leads to learning gains. This report helps you understand whether schools are using IXL for this type of purposeful practice.  

In the Skill Proficiency report, you can see detailed data on how students are practicing, reaching proficiency, and mastering skills across your district. 


Powerful filtering options

You can easily filter, group, and sort the new reports to gather the exact data you’re looking for and export it instantly. For example, you can filter the results by subject, grade level, school, and time frame to dive into the specific data that you’re interested in. Then, you can sort by each column within the data table to group the data in relevant ways. Plus, you can search for specific students, teachers, schools, and grade levels within the data table to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Export data to guide key conversations 

Once you’ve honed in on the specific data you need, click the “export” button on any report to download a shareable .CSV file. This way, you can use IXL’s data to enhance discussions with building leads and establish data-backed strategies to drive growth. 

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