Make the Most of EnVision Math with IXL Practice

EnVision Math/IXL Lesson Alignments Available to Download

Did you know IXL provides textbook alignments for the EnVision Math series? We talked with IXL Training Specialist Kelly Oh to get the inside scoop on how easy it is to incorporate IXL into your lesson plans! Read on to find out more about our alignments to each topic and lesson in EnVision Math and to download a sample lesson plan.

If you’re looking to mix things up in your math lessons, IXL can help you add variety by replacing some or all of the textbook exercises and worksheets throughout your lesson. Simply view IXL’s textbook alignments to find skills that match up with the EnVision Math lesson you’re teaching and have students sign in to IXL to practice. The best part is, because IXL is adaptive, each student will receive questions at the difficulty level that suits him or her best.

Another benefit of using IXL with EnVision Math is that IXL can help you refine guided and independent practice sessions. Typically, EnVision Math practice incorporates a variety of problem types into the same lesson. While this can serve as a spiral review, at times you may prefer to reinforce students’ understanding of the current lesson and the problem types covered that day. With IXL skill alignments, you can preview and target specific types of questions, which helps you create consistency between the practice session and classroom instruction.

Overall, IXL alignments to EnVision Math can save you valuable time and energy in creating meaningful activities that maximize your dedicated math instruction time.

To see how you can use IXL and EnVision Math together, download our sample third grade lesson plans on arrays and multiplication here. To see all of our IXL/EnVision textbook alignments, click here.