IXL Adds Over 200 Skills Across All Subjects!

New Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science Skills

We’ve got some exciting news for you! In our efforts to make IXL the most comprehensive and fun learning experience around, we’ve added over 200 new skills across all our subjects. Read on to find out more about our new skills and to see examples of brand new question types!

New Language Arts Skills

We’ve added roughly 140 new skills for grades 2–5! With all these new skills comes coverage of the Common Core writing strand for grades 3–5 and skills that are carefully designed to introduce students to key writing and analytical concepts. In addition, we’ve added new interaction types and illustrations to these grades to introduce rigorous topics in an approachable way.

Check out some of our favorite skills below and visit IXL to try them all for yourself!

FF.1 Which book title goes with the picture?

Students infer the main premise of a book cover and select an appropriate title.


III.1 Similes and metaphors with pictures

Playful images help students develop an understanding of figurative language.


ZZ.4 Determine the meaning of domain-specific words with pictures

Students learn technical vocabulary through longer, more complex texts, with the aid of illustrative photos.



New Math Skills

Not only have we added new skills to math, but we’ve also refreshed existing skills, leading to a total of almost 70 new or updated skills! These additions range across all grade levels, but the majority can be found in pre-K through second grade. See a sampling of our new skills below and check out the rest on IXL!

D.1 Learn to count (up to 10)

Vibrant illustrations make counting fun! A brand new interaction type counts along with students as they tally up the number of fun objects (like cats!).


New Social Studies Skills

We’re rounding out our social studies coverage for grades 2–5 with over 60 new skills! Examples include new skills on the historical figures of John Deere, Theodore Roosevelt, and Bill Gates and on the cultural celebrations of Thanksgiving and Lunar New Year, as well as broadening our coverage of geography, history, civics, and economics. See a sample below and find all the new skills here!

H.2 Producers and consumers

Students will practice economics-specific vocabulary and then engage with the concepts on a deeper level.



New Science Skills

New science skills will focus on adaptations, ecosystems, and traits and heredity. Using real-life imagery to draw students in, these skills also support alignment to Next Generation Science Standards. Look at the example below and then head to IXL to explore the rest!

L.4 Match offspring to parents using inherited traits

Students will learn how traits are inherited from parent to offspring with the aid of a wide variety of example photos.




Skill Code Changes

These exciting new additions mean that some skill codes have changed. You can now view all of the updates on this page, so discovering new skills and finding old favorites is just a click away!