2 new international year levels for IXL English!

Plus new math and science skills

May 1, 2017


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Breaking news: our early English content now spans the globe! We’ve expanded our English year levels in all of our international editions. And, we’ve added new skills for math and science. Keep reading for the full scoop on what’s new.







New English year levels

Pave the way for budding readers and writers with new English year levels for our earliest learners! We’ve added two new years to each of our international editions:

  • Australia: preschool and foundation
  • Canada: Jr. K and kindergarten
  • Europe: preschool and kindergarten
  • India: LKG and UKG
  • Ireland: Jr. Infants and Sr. Infants
  • New Zealand: kindergarten and year 1
  • Singapore: K1 and K2
  • South Africa: preschool and reception
  • UK: reception and year 1

Students will learn the basics of grammar and vocabulary, as well as phonics, through colorful illustrations, fun interactive questions, and audio support. All of the skills in these years include recorded audio with a professional voice talent from the UK (except for the Canadian edition, which shares the North American audio).

Visit IXL to try the skills firsthand, or see the examples below.

Find all the words that start with a given sound

In this skill, students begin to recognize how letters represent sounds by identifying words that begin with a particular sound.

Choose the short a sentence that matches the picture

Students will practice putting sounds together to not only read, but also comprehend, a whole sentence.

New and updated math skills

With over 40 new and updated skills in grade 2 through Calculus, IXL’s math team is committed to making sure there’s always content for everyone. Check out the example below, then head to IXL to start practicing!

Solve equations: complete the solution (grade 7 through Algebra 1)

This skill helps students develop the ability to solve multi-step problems and to describe the steps necessary to reach the solution.


New science skills

We have new middle school science content to help students gain confidence when solving equations to calculate speed, distance, and time. See the example, then try it out on IXL!

Calculate velocity, distance, and time (grades 7–8)


To see a list of all the new grade levels and skills, visit the Skill Updates page!

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The IXL Team May 8, 2017 at 11:21 am

Hi Esther–When we officially announce our summer contest, we’ll be sure to share all of the prize details!


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