4 Ways to Keep Busy During the Summer

July 12, 2017


At Home

The start of summer is filled with exciting opportunities, but students are probably  also familiar with the feeling of becoming bored in the middle of July. What happens when your kids have nothing to do and registration for camps and summer classes has already ended? Here are some great ideas to keep them busy until school starts!

Learn something new

Is there a hobby your child is interested in but has never gotten to try? How about a subject they want to learn more about? Now is the perfect time to expand their horizons! Help them start researching something that they’re curious about, or find opportunities in your neighborhood to try out a new sport or activity.

Get outside

TV and video games can be summer break essentials, but it’s important to give your kids a break from their screens, especially when the weather is nice. Get outdoors in any form, from a hike in the mountains to a stroll in the park–these are also perfect opportunities to spend some time as a family!

Hang out with friends

The best days of summer are the ones with no due dates or responsibilities. Help your children take advantage of this freedom to socialize with their friends. Help them plan a trip to the beach, take them to a movie or concert, or just hang out at home. Whether they organize an elaborate event with a whole group or spend a few hours with their best friend, summer’s always better with other people.

Start preparing for school

Get ahead of fall to make the transition to the next school year a lot easier. Help your child organize their desk and throw away old work so they’ll have a clean workspace to study and do homework. Consider shopping for school supplies early— you won’t have to worry about it later, and everything you need will be in stock at the store. And, take some time to have your child reflect on the past school year and look ahead to the next. Sit down with your kids and discuss things like: What was their proudest accomplishment last year? What strategies did they use to  improve in a topic they  struggled with? What are their goals for next year?

Guest post written by Mikaela S., IXL Marketing Intern

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