Classroom Decor Ideas Anyone Can Do

If you’re yearning for a Pinterest-worthy classroom but aren’t sure if you have the time, budget, or artsy experience to make it a reality, never fear. There are plenty of quick and easy ways to add character to your classroom and give your school year a colorful start.

Pressed-for-time printables

Decorating your classroom doesn’t get easier than pressing “print.” Take advantage of free printables that can be used to promote critical thinkingpositive attitudes, and class rules. Or, inspire students to do their best with posters that spotlight motivational quotes. You can even print fun place holder posters for where your students’ amazing work will be displayed. Pin them to your bulletin boards or snag cheap frames at your nearest Dollar Store!

Simple DIY details

You don’t have to go down a DIY rabbit hole to get a decked-out classroom—even small details can make your space homey and fun. Upgrade your desk or filing cabinet with washi tape and contact paper. (Bonus: there’s no mess involved!) Thread colorful ribbon through plain milk crates. You can also use inexpensive plastic tablecloths as bulletin board covers.

Fun and functional decor

It’s always helpful when classroom decor is as useful as it is eye-catching. You can turn picture frames into erasable white boards with a few pieces of colorful paper and then use them to display the day’s schedule or reminders for the class. Stock up on clipboards and use them to showcase student work. You can also simply attach a roll of paper to a wall so students can create their own art.

Repurposed decor

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to classroom decorations—especially if you repurpose things you already have. You can create simple but impressive bulletin board borders using plastic plates or a feather boa from an old Halloween costume. You can even use books or old book covers as classroom art.

How are you decorating your classroom?


Photo credit: My Own Twist on Things, We Are Teachers, Tiffany Tice, Jillian Hartman.