Announcing the New IXL Elite 100!

Congratulations to the 2017 IXL Elite 100! We’re excited to celebrate our fourth annual Elite 100 list, which honors the top teachers from around the world who have shown the highest commitment to using IXL. The Elite 100 were selected from more than 300,000 teachers worldwide who use IXL, and we’re in awe that nearly one-third of this year’s teachers are repeat winners! These exceptional teachers hail from 26 U.S. states and countries including Australia, Canada, Lesotho, Mexico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, among others.

Elite 100 teachers stand out for their innovative and creative approaches to teaching with IXL. We asked the honorees to tell us how they use IXL and what features they like best. Here are a few of their responses:

“I love the IXL Continuous Diagnostic. It helps me figure out what gaps need to be filled and where to send students that need the extra challenge. I can customize my students’ learning easily, all in one place.” – Brenna Pietrykowski, 6th grade teacher, Switzerland County Elementary School, East Enterprise, IN

Karla Rupp, 1st-3rd Grade teacher, Freeman Academy

“The students and I both appreciate the Real-Time Center in the Analytics tab. All green in the Real-Time Center shows me that the lesson was effective. When students have two red blocks, it instantly allows me to intercept their lack of understanding and give them extra instruction until they are back on track.” – Karla Rupp, 1st-3rd grade teacher, Freeman Academy, Freeman, SD

“I use IXL to differentiate instruction for my students. Last year, I had a class with students that were at a 4th grade level in math all the way to 10th grade. IXL allows me to challenge all students and make sure all of my students are progressing. I have seen huge improvements in a majority of my students.” – Luke Dobbins, 7th-12th grade teacher, Howells-Dodge Consolidated, Howells, NE

Latriena Pitts, 3rd grade teacher, Montgomery Elementary

“I absolutely love all of IXL Analytics. It became an obsession—I found myself wanting to check them all the time. I check different reports on different days. The reports were very helpful in preparing my students for the Georgia Milestones test.” – Latriena Pitts, 3rd grade teacher, Montgomery Elementary, Atlanta, GA

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