Take a Step back in Time with New IXL Social Studies Skills!

Learn about the Neolithic Period, the ancient Silk Road, and more

We’ve got some new social studies skills to brighten your holidays and help you ring in the new year! These skills focus on three main areas: world history, U.S. history, and economics. Topics include the Neolithic Period, the ancient Silk Road, Hinduism, the Articles of Confederation, Texas independence and annexation, natural resources, and costs and benefits. Read on for a preview of the new content and try out all the new skills on IXL!

The Neolithic Period (grades 6 and 7)

An important topic for ancient history courses, this skill provides an overview of the prehistoric period. It also introduces students to the agricultural revolution and the resulting impact on early humans.

Washington’s presidency: part 1 (grades 7 and 8)

In the first of a series of skills on Washington’s presidency, students will explore political structures and foreign policy debates. Students will strengthen their understanding of this time period while also interacting with primary and secondary sources.

Costs and benefits (grades 4–8)

In this skill, students are asked to think carefully about the consequences of economic decisions by classifying costs and benefits. In higher grade levels, students progress from examining the consequences of everyday, personal economic decisions to thinking about more complex decisions made by groups, businesses, or governments.

Bonus! New science and Spanish skills

For science, we’ve just released our first skill covering the rock cycle for grades 5 through 8. And for Spanish, we have a couple of new skills on informal and formal language and telling time.

What new topics are you most interested in?