Fun and Educational Videos to Celebrate Winter

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s a great opportunity to get cozy with some videos that take a deep dive into the season. From arctic animals to the story behind the Christmas truce of WWI, these videos are great ways to make your winter extra entertaining and educational. We’ve even included some related IXL skills if you want to extend your winter knowledge even further!

Learn about adaptation and the arctic hare:

‘Tis the season to learn about the arctic hare! This species is a great example of how animals adapt to their environment. Take a look at this critter in action and find out how it thrives in cold climates.

For more on adaptation, check out these IXL skills:

Add up the 12 Days of Christmas:

Grab your partridge in a pear tree—and your calculator! This video breaks down all the gifts in The 12 Days of Christmas and turns the tune into an opportunity to do some calculations. Just how many gifts did your true love give to you?

Looking for more math practice? Add these IXL skills to your learning:

Discover the history of the Christmas Truce:

During the first Christmas of World War I, soldiers from both sides on the Western Front emerged from their trenches and celebrated the holiday together. This video explains the events of that day and even includes first-hand accounts from those who were there.

Want to learn more about WWI? Dive into these IXL skills:

Experience Robert Frost’s poetry:

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is a famous work by Robert Frost and it has a decidedly wintry feel. In this video, you can learn about the inspiration behind the poem and hear it read by the poet himself.

Become a poetry pro with these IXL skills:

Dissect the physics of slope-style skiing:

Can’t get enough of the Winter Olympics? The National Science Foundation discusses the science behind this international event and how slope-style skiers have to follow the laws of physics in order to win the gold.

Get up to speed on more physics with these IXL skills:

Explore the science of snowflakes

Why are all snowflakes six-sided? Why are none of them exactly the same? This video sheds light on these questions (and more!) as it explores the secret life of snowflakes.

Want to extend the snowflake lesson? Try these IXL skills: