Introducing Suggested Skills for Family Memberships!

There’s a new way to let your kids know what skills to practice

This one’s for you, families! IXL family memberships now include the Suggested Skills feature, so you can point to the specific skills you’d like your kids to try next. Keep reading to find out how it works!

Whether you’re a homeschooling family or simply want to provide your kids with more IXL guidance, this feature could make all the difference. First, make sure that you’re logged in to your IXL parent account. Then, choose a subject and grade level and browse the available skills.

See a skill you want your kids to practice? Hover over it and click on the star that appears to its left. The selected skill will immediately be starred and highlighted for your child when they’re practicing under their own username. To turn off the suggestion, simply click the star again.

Your kids can still explore IXL as they always have, but they now know which skills you’d like them to work on. Ready to try Suggested Skills for yourself? Head to IXL to get started!