Announcing the 2018 Elite 100!

IXL reveals annual list of top teachers from around the world

Congratulations to all teachers in the 2018 IXL Elite 100! We recently celebrated our fifth annual Elite 100 list, which honors educators from around the world who have shown the highest commitment to using IXL during the 2017-2018 academic year. Our Elite 100 teachers continue to blow us away, and for the second consecutive year, nearly one-third of Elite 100 teachers are repeat winners!

The Elite 100 were selected from more than 350,000 teachers worldwide who use IXL. This year’s list of impressive teachers hail from 30 U.S. states and countries including Australia, Canada, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic.

Elite 100 teachers have implemented IXL in a variety of ways to personalize learning. We asked the honorees to tell us how they use IXL and what features they like the best. Here’s what they had to say!

“I like all the features of IXL Analytics because the data that is collected gives me an idea of what lessons I need to target in class to help my students. What I like the most is the Real-Time Center, which gives me an idea of when students are getting the lesson and when they’re struggling with it.” — John Gonzalez, Wallace Middle School, Vineland, New Jersey

“I use IXL as part of the students’ weekly independent work. It helps them understand the importance of organizing their work, sticking to a schedule, and meeting deadlines. It also gives them the freedom to choose when and where to complete the work. I really appreciate the instant feedback, explanations, scoring system, and the sense of achievement it gives the students when mastering a skill.” — Lee Byron, The American School of Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

Jessica Weber, Two Springs Elementary, Bellevue, Nebraska


“The Real-Time Center allows me to monitor student progress while they’re working. The Diagnostic Strand Analysis groups students according to their needs, which takes away the guesswork on the teacher end. It allows me to provide the students with exactly what they need when they need it.” — Jessica Weber, Two Springs Elementary, Bellevue, Nebraska

“I appreciate the fact that there are so many skills available in so many subject areas. I can easily find and assign the sections that fit the lesson I’m teaching. I also use the individual student progress and class scores reports to monitor my class.” — Sandy Skinner, Legacy Academy, Elizabeth, Colorado

Karen Coats, Lourdes Academy Elementary, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

“My students are eager to learn new skills and want to make it onto my ‘IXL Wall of Fame.’ If they master all of 3rd grade, I add them to the wall. I also give prizes for the skills they master each week, which include “out of dress code” passes, stuffed animals, homework passes, popsicles, candy, and eating lunch with the teacher.” — Karen Coats, Lourdes Academy Elementary, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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