Learning activities Inspired by Social Media

You’ll “like” this: social media can inspire creative classroom activities! From imagining historical tweets to documenting Snapchat-worthy science, these ideas take advantage of students’ familiarity with social platforms and solidify learning in a fresh and fun way.

Snapchat & science

Create enthusiasm for science by playing to the Snapchat crowd. That’s what this teacher did when she demonstrated how mixing various chemicals can set off different reactions. By encouraging students to document the experiment, she created an environment where they paid close attention, asked questions, and formed community around science.

For another fun activity, use Snapchat to help students understand cause and effect and step-by-step processes. This free download can be used to outline a plot, show the steps of the water cycle or a math problem, and more!

Facebook profiles IRL

Want students to examine a story or historical event from different angles? These Facebook bulletin boards are a great way to for them to dive into the lives and personalities of famous figures. Students can also use these free printables to create Facebook profiles for book characters!

photo credit: anartteachersfairyteal.blogspot.com

Twitter gets historical

For a lesson that involves creativity, critical thinking, and research, ask students to imagine what historical figures would have tweeted. (You can even take a cue from this teacher and use a Google Slides deck to create fake Twitter profiles of famous people.)

Want to make a game of it? This lesson plan has students tweet clues and guess the historical figure, era, or event related to those clues.

Instagram, instant learning

Instagram is visually exciting medium and there are tons of ways that can translate to classroom fun. Use photos to record the steps of the scientific method. Make history come to life by reenacting a vintage photo in the public domain. Or, use this Instagram activity to help students practice their research skills.

Bonus: Social media for early finishers

Looking for new ways to engage early finishers? Try Twitter exit tickets or create a “Status Update” board inspired by Facebook.

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