Introducing what’s new in IXL’s UK edition!

We have some exciting news for our friends across the pond: the IXL Continuous Diagnostic and IXL Recommendations are now available for our United Kingdom edition! Keep reading to learn how these tools help teachers outline a unique action plan for each student and encourage students to own their learning.

The IXL Continuous Diagnostic for the UK

Available for maths, the IXL Continuous Diagnostic provides teachers with complete, accurate, and up-to-the-minute knowledge about each and every student. The diagnostic tells teachers exactly what students know, and precisely what to do next to to help them improve.

The Continuous Diagnostic pinpoints students’ level of understanding in 7 mathematical strands: Number and place value; Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; Fractions, ratio, proportion and rates; Algebra; Measurement; Geometry; and Probability and statistics; as well as their overall maths level.

Along with these insights, the IXL Continuous Diagnostic works seamlessly with IXL’s curriculum to offer specific, personalised skill recommendations. Drawn from IXL’s 3,700+ maths skills, these recommendations are at the right level of difficulty for each learner, and are designed to help students grow from where they are and ultimately meet year level objectives.

As students learn, practise, and demonstrate growth on IXL skills, their levels and recommendations automatically update to reflect that progress. Teachers always have up-to-the-minute insights to inform their teaching, and students always have fresh, relevant recommendations that will help them improve!

IXL Recommendations for the UK

IXL’s personalised recommendations for maths help students target their trouble spots, challenge themselves, explore new topics, and more. When students visit the Recommendations tab, they’ll see a visual wall of recommended skills based on their practice history. As students dive into these curated skills, they’ll be empowered to make smart decisions about their learning!

Students will also encounter in-skill recommendations as they practise. If students are struggling, they can access recommended skills at the bottom of the screen. By working on supporting skills first, students will build up their confidence and be prepared to tackle the original skill! Additionally, when students reach a SmartScore of 90, IXL will recommend “Next up” skills so learners can continue challenging themselves.

We can’t wait for you to try out the IXL Continuous Diagnostic and IXL Recommendations for our UK edition! Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!