Celebrate Success with the IXL Achievement Summary

Want a new reason to brag about your students’ IXL progress? Check out the latest addition to your teacher dashboard: the IXL Achievement Summary! Here’s why you’re going to want to print this valuable resource ASAP:

See IXL’s impact in your classroom

The IXL Achievement Summary gives you a bird’s eye look at overall class achievements, along with graphs of questions answered, mastered/proficient skills, and home/school usage. It also includes recent milestones and activity and even some best practices so you can see the IXL effect in your classroom.


Broadcast your achievements

Since your IXL Achievement Summary is a printable PDF, you can easily share your class accomplishments with administrators or other teachers—or even post it in your classroom! With easy-to-understand visuals, it’s a great way to keep your students excited and motivated to keep up their IXL progress.

Ready for the rundown of all your students’ hard work? Head to your teacher dashboard to print your IXL Achievement Summary!