Ace the ACT with IXL’s new alignments!

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If your highschooler is gearing up to take the ACT, we’ve got great news: IXL can help set them up for success! Our new Skill Plan for the ACT is a comprehensive guide for finding the right IXL skills to achieve test goals. It’s a simple way to prep for test day!

IXL’s Skill Plan for the ACT provides support for the math, reading, and English portions of the ACT. Students can choose the score range they’re aiming for (based on their state requirements or college entrance plans) and complete IXL skills aligned to each content area for that score goal.  

If your student finds that they’re not quite ready for the recommended skills for their target score, they can work on the aligned skills for lower target scores and then advance when they’re ready.

Ready to ace the ACT with IXL? Use IXL’s alignments!

IXL Skill Plan for the ACT: