National Poetry Month: Free ELA Lesson Plans for Grades 3-8, 9-12

grades 3-8, grades 9-12

Ready to get poetic? We’ve created a free lesson plan for grades 3-8 and 9-12 just in time for National Poetry Month! Read on for more on our ode to poetry and to download the lesson!

During this lesson, students will explore poetry, complete an Elements of Poetry Scavenger Hunt, and reinforce what they’ve learned with IXL Language Arts.

Anticipatory Set

Throughout the month of April, share a daily poem (or song lyrics) with your whole class that illustrates a specific element of poetry. Then, discuss the day’s element of poetry with students, with particular emphasis on its definition and/or how it enhances the poem’s meaning.

Teaching Strategy

Challenge students to explore poetry resources and complete at least one square a day on their Elements of Poetry Scavenger Hunt. Once students have three in a row on their grid, have them complete an appropriate IXL skill (with a minimum SmartScore of 80) and record the skill they practiced. 

The full lesson plan, including the Elements of Poetry Scavenger Hunt, is available for download below:

National Poetry Month Lesson Plan: grades 3-8, grades 9-12