5 Ways to Keep Students Learning this Summer

The summer is a time for students to celebrate their accomplishments and rest up for the year ahead. But even though the school bells have stopped ringing, students can continue learning all summer long! Read on for some fun ways to keep your students learning over the summer so that they return to school ready to take on the new year.


Challenge your students to create a game about one of the topics they learned in your class. It may be a board game, a card game, or a game that gets players up and moving. Encourage them to share the game with you when they come back to school in the fall so that your new group of students can use it to practice the topic as they’re learning during the year.


Do you have a weekly genius hour in your classroom, where students get to choose what they want to learn? Exploration doesn’t need to stop at the end of the school year!

Remind students that their local library is a great resource for research and that they can continue to use IXL’s science and social studies skills to expand their understanding of the world around them. Also, check to see if there is a public makerspace in a nearby library or community center where students can build models and test theories. With so much freedom, who knows what your geniuses will discover this summer?


Encourage students to connect with the community around them by profiling a neighbor, a community helper, or even a city or town leader. Students can write a set of questions and record their interview as a researcher would, by taking notes or recording their conversation on a mobile device.

Using what they’ve learned, students can develop a plan for how best to share that person’s impact with their classmates: perhaps a news article, a multimedia presentation, or even a skit. Your school could host a gallery or a fair in the fall to show off the interconnectedness of your students, your school, and your community.


If your students have worked hard in IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic all year, have them work on their personalized skill recommendations over the summer!

Just before you send students off into sunny summer freedom, head to the Diagnostic Overview in IXL Analytics and download the Diagnostic Action Plan for each student. This document is a great framework for a pre-summer conference: you can celebrate how much they’ve grown and point them to skills that will advance their knowledge in key math and language arts strands.


Last but not least, encourage your students to read over the summer! Read our tips for how to help students find a reading list based on their overall reading level in the Real-Time Diagnostic. High schoolers can even head to their ELA awards to see a list of book titles that may be interesting for them.

For more great ways to keep your students learning this summer, check out IXL’s summer resources page on our Inspiration tab.